Womb Meditation
Womb Meditation narrated by Jodine Turner ©2010 Music by Ani Williams from Songaia Sound Medicine Volume 1 CD: C# track © 1994
DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use while driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery. Dr. Jodine Turner does not assume, and specifically disclaims, liability in connection with the use of this meditation. The information is strictly educational in nature and does not constitute medical advice for a medical or psychiatric condition, nor is it a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.
This "Womb Meditation" is offered to you as a gift. You can download it for free. It   was   inspired   by   the   Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea   as   an   embodied   way   to   connect   and   commune   with Her.   It   brings   your   awareness   deep   into   the   Sacred   Temple   of   your   womb   and   connects   your   womb   space with   the   altar   of   your   heart,   with   the   life   force   of   your   breath,   with   the   Earth's   center,   and   with   the   magical energy of the Moon. The   meditation   can   be   most   effective   if   done   during   the   Full   Moon   but   is   powerful   if   done   during   any   phase   of the moon. The therapeutic tones of the background music resonate specifically with the womb.
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