Goddess of the Stars and the Sea Series - Overview The   Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea   assists   humankind's   evolution   of   consciousness during   the   spiritually   transforming   'shift   of   the   ages'. This   era   of   transition   faces   all   of   us in today's turbulent world. Jodine   Turner's   compelling   magical   fantasy/visionary   fiction   series   shares   the   story   of this   Goddess   and   Her   priestesses   during   three   critical   eras   of   spiritual   transition   -   the final   days   of   Atlantis,   the   Dark   Ages   of   the   suppressed   Divine   Feminine,   and,   today's re-emergence of the embodied Sacred Feminine. The   series   takes   the   reader   on   an   initiatory   journey   into   the   mysteries   of   this   Goddess, who guides us to courageously and with heart, "Carry on the flame to a new dawn." In   Jodine’s   adventure   and   suspense   filled   novels,   you   will   discover   how   to   transform the   fear   and   darkness   in   ourselves   and   in   the   world   through   embodied   divine   love,   the most powerful magical force there is, and the path forward for humanity.  The novels in the series are also a standalone read.
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