Jodine’s Bio: Jodine   Turner   is   a   best-selling,   and   multiple   award winning     author     of     Young     Adult/Adult     fantasy, visionary    fiction,    magical    realism,    and    paranormal romance.   She   is   also   an   Adorata   Practitioner   in   the spiritual     path     of     embodying     divine     love     and balancing   the   feminine   and   masculine   within;   as   well as   a   therapist,   consecrated   priestess,   and   deacon   in the Gnostic Church of Mary Magdalene. Jodine   has   made   several   trips   to   England,   Scotland, and   Ireland,   where   she   visited   and   researched   many of   the   ancient   sacred   sites.   She   then   fulfilled   a   dream   by   moving   to   the   UK.   While   living   in Glastonbury,    England,    the    legendary    Isle    of    Avalon,    Jodine    met    and    married    her husband.   She   published   Journey   Through   the   Mists   of   Avalon,   a   book   of   shamanic visions   and   poetry.   Upon   her   return   to   the   US,   she   began   writing   the   Goddess   of   the Stars   and   the   Sea   series   about   priestesses   who   have   lived   in   Glastonbury   down   through the ages to today. The   novels   carry   keys   to   embodying   love,   and   are   an   adventure   filled   initiatory   journey into   the   Mysteries   of   the   Goddess.   Each   novel   is   a   standalone   read.   First   in   Jodine's series   is   the   highly   acclaimed   The Awakening:   Rebirth   of Atlantis,   followed   by   the   award- winning   The   Keys   to   Remember.   The   third   in   the   series   is   the   multiple   award   winning, best-seller,   Carry   on   the   Flame:   Destiny’s   Call   Book   One.   Carry   on   the   Flame   continues on in Ultimate Magic Book Two. Jodine   presently   lives   in   Oregon   with   her   beloved   husband   Chris   and   their   four   magical     cats who go by the codenames of Mojo, Minnie, BigBoy, and Pumpkin.
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