Proposed Interview Questions: 1 . What is visionary fiction? 2 . What are your novels about? 3 . You say the novels are a Goddess Mystery School Initiation. Can you explain what you mean by that? 4 . How do the main characters help the reader experience the Mystery School Initiation you speak about? 5 . You   say   the   Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea   helps   humanity   through   the   turbulent   times   preceding major shifts in human consciousness. How does she help us? 6 . The   book   is   about   a   Shift   of   the Ages,   changes   in   consciousness,   and   Global   and   personal   healing.   Can you explain? 7 . What is the wisdom of the novels? 8 . Apply   this   wisdom   to   real   and   present   day   circumstances.   What   did   the   characters   do   to   tap   into   this wisdom? 9 . What is inspired by the novels? 1 0 . The   novels   address   the   concepts   of   'feminine'   and   'masculine'   energies.   Can   you   explain   what   that   is, and how it is woven into the stories? 1 1 . Why did you write these novels? 1 2 . What inspired you? 1 3 . What is inspired by the novels? 1 4 . What healing do you want to facilitate with your novels? 1 5 . Share   the   experiences   of   the   main   characters   in   each   novel   -   Geodran   in   the   first   novel,   Rhianna   in   the second, and Sharay in the third. 1 6 . What is the essence of these characters? 1 7 . What is the essence of your story? 1 8 . What is a priestess?
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